Gentle techniques to manually relieve tension

What if a caregiver or family member could help you achieve lasting relief at home?

Now it’s possible. 

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Relax Release Relief

Relax, Release, Relief is a simple and gentle technique where one person is helping another achieve relaxation, release of tension and relief of stress. Utilizing only gentle pressure in key points, the practice of these techniques doesn’t require developed hand strength to be effective, and is presented in an easy to follow step-by-step video series. While not a medical treatment, and not designed to cure any specific illness, these techniques have had an undeniable impact on participants thus far.

People in pain need this information delivered to their home, cheaply and available worldwide. People are suffering and this could help.


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My Story

This is my story.

A 14 year old girl suffered with CRPS in her left knee for four years. Onset: Softball injury. A small selection of the techniques used in Relax Release Relief were applied for 20 minutes and immediately resulted in complete relief which has lasted for over 6 years.

Was this an isolated miracle? …or a physical repeatable thing?
It is so gentle and simple…..Could this work?

Taking A Closer Look

A local RSDA support group spread the word which made it possible for eleven people suffering CRPS pain to experience only a few of the releases used in Relax Release Relief on one visit for 25 minutes.

The results:

  • Four had no effect
  • Four had over 50% improvement lasting varying lengths of time
  • Three experienced a period of  complete relief

Mistakes were made. The room was cold, noisy, too bright, with an uncomfortable table and long travel times putting some into travel flares.

Logically, it would yield even better relaxation, release and relief if more relaxation techniques were used and staged out over more days in longer sessions combined with gentle slow movements and biomechanical correction of the foot’s posture using Sole Supports Custom Foot Orthotics.

To test this, over forty people in chronic pain of multiple causes, including CRPS, experienced the techniques used in Relax Release Relief.

The vast majority achieved relief for varying lengths of time. All, except one, had significant improvement. Some are experiencing ongoing complete relief now for several months. Hope is reborn.

Ethically, I feel an obligation to get this out ASAP, after having witnessed so many miracles. People in pain need this information delivered to their home, cheaply and available worldwide. People are suffering and this could help.

Imagine the caregiver, watching their loved one suffer; wishing there was something they could do to help. Relax Release Relief is something you CAN do.

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Relax, Release, Relief is broken into five distinct chapters, each intended to be followed in order, as a complete course. We begin at the root of our being, the feet, and gradually work our way all the up the body to the head. 

We offer the course as a whole, or as individual volumes. We recommend implementing the course in it’s entirety to begin with, and revisiting individual chapters if you feel you need a refresher on specific subjects. 

The following titles are available for rental from our Vimeo page.  

  • Volume 1 : Introduction & The Feet
  • Volume 2 : Lower Extremeties
  • Volume 3 : Upper Extremeties
  • Volume 4 : The Chest & Back
  • Volume 5 : The Neck & Head



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